Philip Seymour Hoffman

‘A Late Quartet’ Review
I am an extremely smart, well-educated man. However there are aspects of refined culture that always seem to escape me. Example: I recently took a wine tasting tour in France. "What can you say about this one?" I was asked. "Um, it's good?" "Yes, but notice how the tannins a…
‘The Master’ Review
The year is 1950. Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has founded a new religious philosophy based on the notion that we can all be free of "past trauma" if we recognize that man is not an animal but rather a soul that lived through trillions of years and thousands of lifetimes. But if…
‘The Master’ Gets a Hypnotic Official Poster
We've gotten a teaser and a trailer from Paul Thomas Anderson's upcoming film 'The Master,' but we were sold on the intriguing concept long before that. Now the film has a rather alluring official poster in preparation for its impending release.
‘The Master’ Shows Off More Photos
There's been a flurry of news about Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' recently, as it had its release date bumped up, and it's joined a number of festivals. But though we know the broad outlines of the film (and rumored Scientology bashing), we're happy the film has r…

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