Prey 2

Dishonored Studio Hiring for Next-Gen Title
Speculation about what Arkane Studios' was going to do to follow up Dishonored has been running wild since the 2012 game was a hit. Whatever the project is, we now know it's definitely a next generation title.
Prey 2 Reportedly in Development at Arkane
Bethesda and Arkane have been playing things rather close to the vest when it comes to Prey 2, but new information has come to light giving some credence to the rumors the Dishonored devs are now working on the sci-fi sequel.
Dishonored Devs Reportedly Working on Prey 2
The long development cycle for Prey 2 got another interesting wrinkle on Friday when it was reported Arkane Studios, the developers behind 2012's Dishonored, were now in charge of the languishing property.