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Poll: Which Pixar Movie Is Your Favorite?
With 'Monsters University' coming out in just a few days, we all have Pixar on the mind - as evidenced by our recent list ranking the company's movies from worst to best. But that's just our opinion - which Pixar flick is your favorite?
‘Avengers 2′ Poll: No Loki, No Problem?
We recently heard the news that Joss Whedon will not be including Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in 'The Avengers 2.' For some, this is blasphemy; for others, a perfectly agreeable idea. Can you picture an 'Avengers' sequel without the God of Mischief?
Poll: Which Video Game Needs a Movie Adaptation Right Now?
This past week saw the internet in a frenzy over the latest E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which for gamers is like the Super Bowl meets Comic-Con. The first footage from the upcoming 'Need For Speed,' the latest game-to-movie adaptation, was shown, which got us wondering: which game …

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