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‘Star Trek 3′ Poll: Should J.J. Abrams Direct?
As you may have heard, 'Star Trek' director J.J. Abrams has some different stars in sight for his next project; the man is the chosen one for 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' There have been conflicting reports regarding his involvement in the inevitable 'Star Trek 3,'…
‘Star Trek’ Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Captain Kirk?
As the new 'Star Trek' continues to build a legacy of its own, you can expect this debate to follow it wherever it goes: Who better nailed the pivotal role of Captain James T. Kirk? The original, William Shatner, or his successor, Chris Pine? Vote in our poll after the break!
Marvel Spinoffs Poll: Which Hero Deserves His/Her Own Movie?
As previously discussed by 'Iron Man 3' star Don Cheadle, the possibility of War Machine getting his own movie could be real, if not exactly in the cards right at this moment. So that got us wondering: which supporting superhero character from the Marvel movies deserves their own spinoff? …
Poll: Which Superhero Will Rule Summer 2013?
'Iron Man 3' is flying very high right now, racking up a stunning worldwide gross of almost $1 billion in little over a week. But with two more highly anticipated superhero adventures up ahead, will Iron Man truly reign supreme this summer?

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