Reality TV

Is a Nicki Minaj Reality Show in the Works?
Bubbly rapper Nicki Minaj seems to be taking a note from Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte in terms of capitalizing on success and riding the fame train till it runs off the track.
Although we've unofficially known for some time that Minaj would be taking on the role of 'American Idol' judge, the Fox hit r…
Sizzling Bacon Reality TV Show in the Works
Only when one makes a regular habit of watching reality TV does one understand the full breadth of topics it encompasses, from duck magnates, to hoarders to Kardashians, but one area of the market has remained firmly unexplored, and consistently delicious.  That area, my friends, is bacon.
‘Jersey Shore’ Renewed for a Sixth Season
Come on, everybody, we were so close!  So very, very close.  With Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi pregnant, engaged, and seemingly retired from the hard-partying lifestyle for which she's famous only for stumbling through, it had seemed 'Jersey Shore' was at its end.  After all, even meatballs and…