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Roland Emmerich Interview: Talking 'White House Down,' What's Coming for 'Independence Day 2' and His Thoughts on 'Godzilla'

by Nick Romano June 26, 2013 @ 11:40 AM
Roland Emmerich, the director of such disaster-heavy films as 'Independence Day,' '2012,' 'The Day After Tomorrow' and the last 'Godzilla' movie, set his sights on the White House in 'White House Down.' Starring Channing Tatum as Secret Service hopeful John Cale and Jamie Foxx as US President James Sawyer, this "Die Hard in the White House" film starts like any other day until a team of domestic terrorists infiltrate and bring down the White House.

Exclusive: Roland Emmerich Reveals What's Coming for 'Independence Day 2'

by Nick Romano June 25, 2013 @ 1:13 PM
Getty Images/Fox
Though iconic, disaster-movie director Roland Emmerich will let loose his latest project, 'White House Down,' to the masses this week, talk has already honed in on his next big movie -- 'Independence Day 2.' Since Fox set a release date for July 3, 2015, inquiring minds want to know the latest details.

'Independence Day 2' Will Bring Back Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman

by Damon Houx June 25, 2013 @ 12:00 AM
20th Century Fox
Roland Emmerich may be on his press tour for 'White House Down,' but he can't stop talking about ‘Independence Day 2.’ He already broke the news that Will Smith won't be returning, but now for some good news: Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman will be back to battle aliens.

'White House Down' Clip: Watch Out! President Jamie Foxx Has a Rocket Launcher

by Jacob Hall June 11, 2013 @ 12:45 PM
Sony/Columbia Pictures
Few summer movies look as fun as 'White House Down.' After getting to see eight minutes of footage during a special presentation, hosted by director Roland Emmerich and stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, we see this as a nice change of pace from all the superhero and sci-fi offerings of late. Now the latest clip from the film only makes its charm and sense of humor stand out more from the familiar "Die Hard in the White House!" formula.

'Independence Day' Director Aiming for Another Alien-Invasion Hit With 'Emergence'?

by Jacob Hall June 7, 2013 @ 12:50 PM
20th Century Fox
Director Roland Emmerich likes to destroy the world, so it's no surprise that he's bought the rights to a new alien-invasion pitch titled 'Emergence.' After all, how could the director of 'Independence Day,' 'The Day After Tomorrow' and '2012' say no to what's described as a "large-scale, contemporary science-fiction film"? Large scale? That means Emmerich will be able to do what he does best: wipe out entire cities. Again.

'White House Down' Featurette: Roland Emmerich Revists White House-Based Mayhem

by Damon Houx May 24, 2013 @ 6:07 PM
Columbia Pictures
One of summer's biggest movie question marks is 'White House Down,' which pairs Channing Tatum's would-be secret service agent with Jamie Foxx's President of the United States in a buddy cop-esque action film. Now there's a new featurette that shows a little more footage from the film, and spotlights the director.

Roland Emmerich Developing 'Lawrence of Arabia' Miniseries?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 30, 2013 @ 8:30 PM
Well, this is a surprise. Plenty of historical miniseries have been cleaning up on the small-screen these days, most notably with History's mammoth 'Hatfields & McCoys' success, and it seems 'Independence Day' director Roland Emmerich wants in on the action. Emmerich has begun development on a 'Lawrence of Arabia' miniseries, retelling the famous tale iconically brought to life by Peter O'Toole and director David Lean, but where will the new 'Lawrence of Arabia' set up shop?

'Independence Day 2' Info Hits and Yes There Will Be Two Sequels

by Damon Houx March 26, 2013 @ 9:00 PM
20th Century Fox
Though there have been rumors of 'Independence Day' sequels since the first film became a smash hit back in 1996, all's been quiet on the alien front since last year, when we first heard word that there would be two follow-ups. But now that Roland Emmerich is out promoting 'White House Down,' more details about the sequels are emerging.