Russell Crowe

See the Cast of ‘Gladiator’ Then and Now
Released 13 years ago, Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator' starred Russell Crowe as a gladiator named Maximus who is betrayed when the king's son slays his own father and takes over the throne, forcing Maximus to fight in the gladiatorial arena to reclaim his honor.
‘Man of Steel’ Review
I believe a man can fly -- and beat the living hell out of Michael Shannon for close to 40 compounded minutes in ways hitherto unseen on film. But Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' is no mere slugfest. It goes for broke, faces the legend and tackles the iconography of one of modernity's largest-shared my…
New ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spot: “Why Did You Send Me Here?”
‘Man of Steel‘ is only weeks away and a new TV spot has arrived, reminding us that this looks like the comic book movie to beat this summer. Although we’ve seen some of this footage before, this spot offers us a glimpse at some new stuff, much of which will be of utmost interest…

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