Scoot McNairy

Michael Stuhlbarg and More Join Full ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Cast

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 20, 2016 @ 1:43 PM
Relativity / Focus Features
Slow and steady, Fargo Season 3 has been assembling a murderer’s row of talent for its cast. Now, as production gears up for a January 2017 start, FX confirms the full roster of names headed into the cold, including Coen brothers favorite Michael Stuhlbarg, Shea Whigham and more.

‘Sleepless’ Trailer: Jamie Foxx Will Kill Everyone to Get His Son Back

by Britt Hayes October 5, 2016 @ 11:47 AM
Do you like the Taken films? Do you love John Wick? (That’s a rhetorical question; of course you do.) What if you combined the two into one film, threw in some dirty cops and Jamie Foxx with a vendetta? You’d get Sleepless, the new remake of the acclaimed French action film Sleepless Night. The first trailer for the upcoming thriller ticks off all the right boxes, and with the help of some great music and excellent editing, we were sold on this one before the 60-second mark.

Netflix Western ‘Godless’ Cast Adds Sam Waterson, Scoot McNairy

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 6, 2016 @ 10:59 PM
Scott Frank and Steven Soderbergh’s new Western miniseries Godless just keeps getting better. Not only will Newsroom alum Jeff Daniels lead the cast, but so too has former co-star Sam Waterston joined the ensemble, along with a confirmed Scoot McNairy and more.

Jeff Daniels and Scoot McNairy Eyed for Netflix Western Series ‘Godless’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 27, 2016 @ 10:53 PM
Summit Entertainment / AMC
Just when you thought you’d lost count of the Netflix original series in development, here comes number … uh, moving on! Scott Frank and Steven Soderbergh’s new Western miniseries Godless has begun casting, with none other than Newsroom alum Jeff Daniels and Batman v. Superman bomb Scoot McNairy eyed for leading roles.

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Star Scoot McNairy Isn’t Playing Who You Think He Is

by Mike Sampson February 2, 2016 @ 12:14 PM
Getty Images
Actor Scoot McNairy stars in Batman vs. Superman, this much we know. His casting was announced and there are photos of him on set filming scenes from the movie. What we don’t know is who he plays in the film. We’ve heard reports that McNairy is playing everyone from The Flash to Metallo to Jimmy Olsen. It turns out none of those are true, because now we actually know McNairy’s top secret Batman vs. Superman role. An

AMC’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire,’ FX ‘Tyrant’ Renewed for Third Seasons

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 8, 2015 @ 1:46 PM
The age of “Peak TV” (yes, we’re sick of that phrase too) leaves any number of compelling dramas in the dust, even after lavish critical praise. Thankfully, AMC computer drama Halt and Catch Fire has eked its way to a third season in 2016, joined by FX Middle East thriller Tyrant. Which … you know. Sure.

Scoot McNairy’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Mystery Role Revealed

by Mike Sampson July 31, 2015 @ 3:11 PM
Getty Images
Last summer, Scoot McNairy was quietly added to the cast of Batman vs. Superman with Warner Bros. refusing to comment on the character he’d be playing. The mystery was stoked later that year when McNairy was spotted on the set of the film wearing knee-high greenscreen socks. What did it all mean? A brief look through Google right now turns up speculation that he’s playing The Flash (which we now know is obviously untrue), Metallo, Blue Beetle, Robin, Maxwell Lord and even Doomsday (!!). Well, internet, speculate no longer. We can now tell you who Scoot McNairy is playing in Batman vs. Superman.