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‘Falling Skies’ Season Finale Review: “Brazil”
‘Falling Skies’ season 3 rains down its 10th and final episode of the year with season 3 finale “Brazil,” where the 2nd Massachusetts find that victory over the Espheni comes with a steep price from the Volm, while Tom shares his final confrontation with Karen and receives an unexpected reunion.
‘Supernatural’ Season Finale Review: “Sacrifice”
‘Supernatural’ season 8 scares up its twenty-third and final episode of the season in “Sacrifice,” as Sam and Dean seek to cure Crowley as the final trial to close the gates of Hell, while Castiel discovers that Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) may have an endgame all his own.
Previous ‘Supernatural’ epis…
‘Arrow’ Season Finale Review: “Sacrifice”
‘Arrow’ lets loose its last episode with its twenty-third and final outing of the season “Sacrifice,” as Oliver desperately tries to thwart Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman)'s plans to destroy the Glades, while Tommy decides between his friend and his father amid Tommy's memories of fighting Edward Fy…

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