Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Revivalry: 'Back to the Future'

by Katie Calautti May 16, 2012 @ 7:18 AM
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This installment of "Sibling Revivalry" comes care of reader M.R. Bowers, who suggested Lindsay and I tackle director Robert Zemeckis' beloved 1985 sci-fi adventure mega-hit 'Back to the Future.'
Lindsay, at first, asked that I officially relay that she was "very displeased" with the pick. But, as is becoming a happy trend, she was eventually endeared to the material. (Or perhaps it's the fact that Michael J. Fox is "really cute" – though don't even think about comparing him to Tom Cruise.)
Either way, she was willing to see beyond the "dated" special effects and wardrobe to appreciate the authenticity of the film's relationships and themes. Not that she'll be clamoring to watch the second or third films in the franchise. Here's what we talked about after my little sister's first viewing of 'Back to the Future'…27 years after its release.