Star Wars

‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Rumor: ‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Takes the Lead

by Britt Hayes 2 hours ago
Last we reported, there were a handful of actresses being tested for a role in Gareth Edwards’ upcoming ‘Star Wars’ standalone film, including Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Felicity Jones, and Kate Mara. According to a new report, the ‘Orphan Black’ star hasn’t just been cast in the film, but she’s landed the leading role—if true, this news is doubly awesome.

WookieeLeaks: Boba Fett, Han Solo and a Bunch of Muppets

by Jacob Hall a day ago
ScreenCrush’s WookieeLeaks is a weekly roundup of everything ‘Star Wars’! From ‘Star Wars: Episode 7,’ to the upcoming spinoffs and the TV shows, if it pertains to that long ago, far away galaxy, we’re covering it here, bringing you our expert analysis. This week, comb through the latest ‘Star Wars’ spin-off news, learn the full of extent of Disney’s franchise plans, and learn Ewan McGregor’s very important opinion on that new lightsaber.

The Muppets Visit the Set of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in Fantastic Behind-the-Scenes Photos

by Jacob Hall 2 days ago
Before he was a CGI creation, Jedi master Yoda was a puppet. Before green screens became the norm, the Dagobah set for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was built elevated off the ground to accommodate Yoda’s puppeteers. And before he brought Yoda to life, puppeteer and voice actor Frank Oz was best known as the man behind Miss Piggy. In a weird way, that makes the most wizened character in the ‘Star Wars’ universe a distant relative of the extended Muppet family.

Ewan McGregor Doesn’t Like the Cruciform Lightsaber Either

by Matt Singer 4 days ago
By far, the most divisive element of the first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer was the debut of the new cruciform lightsaber. Some folks thought it looked totally cool, and others felt that it was an implausible and unrealistic weapon (as opposed to the regular lightsaber, which is totes plausible and realistic).

‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film Picks Up Oscar-Nominated Writer Chris Weitz

by Britt Hayes 5 days ago
It was recently rumored that ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and ‘Apocalypse’ writer and producer Simon Kinberg would be stepping aboard Gareth Edwards’ ‘Star Wars’ spinoff to replace writer Gary Whitta, even though it seemed hardly possible with Kinberg’s schedule. And now those rumors have officially been proven false, as Lucasfilm has tapped writer and director Chris Weitz to complete a new draft of the screenplay for the mysterious standalone film.

‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Rumored to Focus on Both Boba Fett and Young Han Solo

by Britt Hayes 7 days ago
The most viable rumor that’s been reported about Gareth Edwards’ upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spinoff is that it involves Boba Fett and a group of bounty hunters in an ‘Ocean’s 11’-style heist to retrieve plans for the Death Star. But we haven’t forgotten about that other rumor—the one that claims that young Han Solo is involved in the spinoff. According to a new report, Edwards’ film isn’t about one character or the other; it’s about both.

WookieeLeaks: The First ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off is on the Hunt For a Leading Lady

by Jacob Hall January 23, 2015 @ 9:50 AM
ScreenCrush’s WookieeLeaks is a weekly roundup of everything ‘Star Wars’! From ‘Star Wars: Episode 7,’ to the upcoming spinoffs and the TV shows, if it pertains to that long ago, far away galaxy, we’re covering it here, bringing you our expert analysis. This week, see who’s up for a major role in the first spin-off, check out George Lucas’ reaction to the trailer for ‘The Force Awakens,’ and ponder the beauty of a Lando comic book series.

‘Strange Magic’ Review: Strange? Yes. Magic? Not So Much.

by Matt Singer January 22, 2015 @ 1:02 PM
Before he was George Lucas, the guy who changed blockbusters forever with ‘Star Wars,’ he was George Lucas, the guy who changed the way Hollywood used pop music with ‘American Graffiti.’ Though ‘Graffiti’ is maybe Lucas’ seventh most-famous movie, it was hugely influential in its day, and its massive grosses inspired so many imitators it essentially invented a new sub-genre: the radio-hit-scored ensemble coming-of-age movie. 40 years after creating that concept, Lucas returns to destroy it with ‘Strange Magic,’ a high-tech, low-brow update of that formula, with computer-generated fairies and bugs pining after one another over a soundtrack of classic pop songs.

‘Star Wars’ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Get Combined into One Seriously Epic Trailer

by Britt Hayes January 21, 2015 @ 5:42 PM
If you asked just about anyone you know, right now, what the two biggest film franchises on the planet are, the answer would undoubtedly be either ‘Star Wars’ or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But now you don’t need to choose between the two, as one very productive fan has taken the classic ‘Star Wars’ trilogy and created a new trailer in the style of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ which somehow makes George Lucas’ original films even more epic.

‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film Eyeing Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany for Leading Role

by Britt Hayes January 20, 2015 @ 8:24 PM
Open Road Films/LucasFilm/BBC America
The first ‘Star Wars’ standalone film is set to hit theaters in 2016, and although it’s currently seeking a replacement screenwriter, it looks as though production is gearing up on the Gareth Edwards project. Both Rooney Mara and ‘Orphan Black’ star Tatiana Maslany are testing for a leading role in the untitled film, which has been rumored as a heist film involving Boba Fett.