The Bourne Legacy

‘The Bourne Legacy’ Review
'The Bourne Legacy' is a movie suffering an existential crisis. It only exists because the 'Bourne' movies – the REAL 'Bourne' movies – made a lot of dough and were generally well received by critics. I'm no Hollywood insider but my understanding is that Matt Damon either respectfully declined to do…
‘The Bourne Legacy’ Delivers New Clips and Images
'The Bourne Legacy' recently screened for press, and while we have yet to hear word on if it's good or not, we don't really care, because it has Jeremy Renner kicking everyone's butt in what looks to be a high-octane sequel to the popular action franchise. And these new clip…
‘The Bourne Legacy’ Offers Second Chase-Based Clip
We've seen a little bit of the action from 'The Bourne Legacy' in the first clip that showed Jeremy Renner's non-Jason Bourne character Aaron Cross on the run from faceless bad guys, but in the second clip, he's on a motorcycle with Rachel Weisz. Excitement!

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