The Farm

'The Office's Rainn Wilson Lines Up Next Gig as CBS' 'Backstrom'

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 18, 2013 @ 11:11 AM
Valerie Macon, Getty Images
There can be no stopping 'The Office's May 16 series finale, particularly now that NBC's aborted Dwight Schrute-centric spin-off "The Farm" has come and gone. As such, series star Rainn Wilson has officially begun lining up his post-'Office' (heh) future, taking the role of an unorthodox cop in upcoming CBS drama pilot 'Backstrom.' Will Rainn Wilson's new role be enough to distinguish him from the role of Dwight Schrute? Find out all about 'Backstrom' inside!

'The Office' Finale Season: See 'The Farm' Spinoff That Never Was

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 13, 2013 @ 3:15 PM
As 'The Office' approaches its May 16 series finale, the farewell tour has already begun. One of the more interesting stops long the way of the long-running NBC comedy's final season will be that of upcoming March 14 episode 'The Farm,' originally intended as a backdoor pilot for the Dwight Schrute-centric spinoff NBC ultimately passed on, but did they make the right call? Check out a first look at 'The Farm' with a new 'The Office' clip inside!

'The Office' Final Season: Will "The Farm" Be Cut From the Story?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 5, 2013 @ 6:01 PM
It's been some time since 'The Office' and NBC execs announced that plans for the Dwight Schrute-centric spin-off 'The Farm' were to be scrapped, while last week's "Junior Salesman" featured the introduction of Dwight's "Cousin Zeke" ('Breaking Bad's Matt L. Jones) as the first phase of what would have gone toward the spin-off. With 'The Farm' officially shut down, will NBC air the back-door pilot as an 'Office' episode, or cut most of the additional material? New details on 'The Office's final season inside!

'The Office' Final Season: 'The Farm' Spin-Off Will Air as Modified Episode

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 26, 2012 @ 5:10 PM
Though we've known for some time that the current season of 'The Office' would represent the final year for Jim, Pam and the other Dunder-Mifflin crew, some months ago development began on the Dwight Schrute spin-off 'The Farm,' to be aired as a backdoor pilot in 'The Office's final season. Somewhat sparingly, NBC decided not to go through with the Schrute-centric spin-off, but what of the material shot? New reports say NBC plans to give a fitting end to Dwight Schrute, using a modified version of 'The Farm' to do so. Find out the changes inside!

NBC Officially Passes on 'Office' Spin-Off' 'The Farm,' Phew

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 29, 2012 @ 6:30 PM
Well, the end times have officially arrived.  No, we're not talking about Hurricane Sandy, but rather 'The Office,' whose fate has finally been sealed.  We knew 'The Office' itself would say goodbye after the current season, but now it seems that NBC has officially passed on picking up the Dwight Schrute-centric spin-off 'The Farm.'  the backdoor pilot will still air as an 'Office' episode this season, but does this mean 'The Office' is gone for good?

Never Fear, 'The Office' Spin-Off 'The Farm' Will Have Cousin Mose

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 30, 2012 @ 7:00 PM
Through eight seasons of 'The Office,' comings and goings of cast and crew alike, one mystery has always remained throughout the series.  No, it's not the identity of the Scranton Strangler, but rather what the deal with Cousin Mose was!  Now that Dwight Schrute is potentially moving into his own spin-off 'The Farm,' will Mose take a larger role in the series?  Or will real-life duties limit Mike Schur's involvement with the spin-off?

'The Farm' Harvests Its Latest Crop: Meet Uncle Heinrich!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 27, 2012 @ 5:30 PM
NBC / Michael Buckner, Getty Images
While we're still not sure we even want 'The Office' to spin-off Dwight Schrute into 'The Farm,' it's starting to look like NBC would disappoint more and more actors if they didn't go through with it.  Last week 'The Farm' had made its most intriguing casting yet by picking up 'Breaking Bad' player Matt Jones, but the latest is poised to steal the show with his eccentricity.  Meet Dwight Schrute's great uncle Heinrich Manheim, but what 'Die Hard' vet nabbed the role?

'Breaking Bad's Badger Sent To Live On 'The Farm'

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 25, 2012 @ 3:07 AM
NBC / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
While we're now deathly afraid for Matt Jones' lovable 'Breaking Bad' breakout Badger, 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm' will trade crystal meth for beets in the casting of its latest series regular Matt Jones.  'The Farm' picked up quite a bit of steam this week in casting the various members of the Schrute clan, despite the fact that 'The Farm' isn't yet picked up to series.  Will Jones be the teenth that breaks NBC 's back?  And who will Badger Jones play?

'Supernatural's Jim Beaver Cast on 'Dexter' AND 'The Farm?'

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 24, 2012 @ 7:00 PM
Showtime / The CW / NBC
Unabashedly, we love Jim Beaver.  Not only has the actor provided one of the strongest characters across seven seasons of 'Supernatural,' but popped up in everything from 'Justified' to 'Breaking Bad,' even recently.  Now, a very justifiable (heh) rumor has placed Beaver in talks for a role in the coming seasons of 'Dexter,' and possibly even 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm,' should it go to series.  How far have discussions gone, and who would he play?

'The Office' Spin-Off 'The Farm' Casts Dwight Schrute's Brother

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 24, 2012 @ 9:07 AM
NBC / Starpulse
Announcements about 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm' seem to be under an entirely different light, following the earlier reveal that 'The Office' season 9 would close the door on the long-running mockumentary series.  We still don't have it cemented on paper that 'The Farm' will go to series, a decision to be made after 'The Office' introduces the cast and concept in a season 9 episode, but for now the Schrute clan has added one more.  So who nabbed the role of Dwight's brother Jeb?