The Grand Budapest Hotel

The 10 Best Wes Anderson Characters
If you can judge a filmmaker by the number of unforgettable characters he's created, than Wes Anderson is one of the all-time greats. Over the course of seven films, Anderson has introduce the world to a collection of oddballs, scumbags, dreams, loners and manic-depressives...
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Review
Wes Anderson has finally done it. He's gone and created his own country.
Zubrowka, the fictional town at the heart of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' is positioned on the farthest Eastern edge of Europe's great empire. It is a melange of stylistic flourishes and decorative signifiers from a make believe …
Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014!
2013 is so very close to done. Just a few more minutes in the oven, but keep the fork ready.
Do we, the obsessed movie watchers of the ScreenCrush community, take a break? Heck no! January brings the Sundance Film Festival and then we dive right back into a big year of with some really big movies...

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