The Killing

Have Netflix And DirecTV Un-Killed ‘The Killing?’
No one was particularly surprised when AMC opted not to renew its murder-mystery adaptation 'The Killing,' especially after the series struggled to find half its audience, and alienated the other half by dragging out the murder of Rosie Larsen over two seasons.  Predictably, AMC passing on a third s…
‘The Killing’ Cancelled After Two Seasons
Well, no real surprise here.  After two tepidly received seasons that frustrated viewers and critics alike by dragging out the murder of Rosie Larsen for yet another year, AMC has decided not to move forward with a third season of Veena Sud murder-mystery 'The Killing.'  But what…
‘The Killing’ Season 3 To Reboot the Series?
Now that we finally know who killed Rosie Larsen, only one true question remains of AMC's 'The Killing.'  Most important of all, will we see a third season?  The murder that spanned a full two seasons has been thoroughly wrapped up, without much suggestion of a future case, and AMC hasn't said anyth…
‘The Killing’ Finale Review: “What I Know”
We've finally made it to the finale of 'The Killing,' and we've been promised -- for real this time! -- that we'll get the answer to the question posed at the beginning of season one: Who killed Rosie Larsen? And guess what? We actually find out who killed Rosie Larsen! If y…
‘The Killing’ Finale: Find Out Who Actually Killed Rosie Larsen
When AMC's 'The Killing' concluded its first season, fans were outraged that the show didn't wrap up the central mystery that was introduced in the pilot episode: who killed Rosie Larsen? The viewers who stuck with the show were rewarded with an answer during tonight's second season finale. So, if y…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Donnie or Marie”
It was the penultimate episode of 'The Killing' and the big question was... well, it was still, "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" But after last week's breakthrough, that answer may be more close than it's ever been. In fact, we may have been right on top of the answer…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Bulldog”
The title of this week's episode of 'The Killing' takes its name from the new Larsen family pet, but it also represents the tenacity with which all of our players are operating. As we approach the conclusion of this season the show seems to be firing on (almost) all cylinders.
‘The Killing’ Review: “72 Hours”
The end of last week's episode of 'The Killing' found Linden investigating the mysterious 10th floor of the Wapi Indian casino and getting herself knocked out by an unknown person in one of the series' best episodes yet.
‘The Killing’ Review: “Sayonara, Hiawatha”
'The Killing' has been slowly elevating itself from a red herring-laden procedural slow burn to an emotional, character-driven drama. While it's mostly stumbled on its way there, "Sayonara, Hiawatha" seems to have found a nice middle ground.

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