The Killing

‘The Killing’ Review: “Sayonara, Hiawatha”
'The Killing' has been slowly elevating itself from a red herring-laden procedural slow burn to an emotional, character-driven drama. While it's mostly stumbled on its way there, "Sayonara, Hiawatha" seems to have found a nice middle ground.
‘The Killing’ Review: “Keylela”
Holder appropriately pokes Linden this week on 'The Killing' by cruelly teasing that if she thinks she can talk to dead people, why doesn't she just ask Rosie who killed her so we can get this over with already. Holder: the voice of the audience.
‘The Killing’ Review: “Openings”
'The Killing' ended last week with Terry entering a mysterious black car in the middle of the night, and our dearly departed Rosie was afraid of a black car she believed to be following her around. The shadowy male figure inside Terry's black car is revealed to be Terry's married…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Ghosts of the Past”
Last week's episode of 'The Killing' introduced a new suspect: Alexi Giffords, the orphaned son of the man Stan Larsen killed to escape the Polish mob. "Ghosts of the Past" is a markedly far better episode than those in recent weeks, providing plot advancement and genuine intrigue.
This wee…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Ogi Jun”
This week Linden and Holder try to find the owner of the Ogi Jun tattoo, while Richmond copes with his new paralysis, and the Larsen family continues to unravel in Mitch's absence. "Ogi Jun" is a much more basic, procedural episode, but is it a help or a hindrance to the alrea…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Numb”
'The Killing' brings us the return of Mitch this week in a character-driven episode that feels like it's more about mood and tone than plot advancement or cracking mysteries. But can the ever reliable Linden and Holder survive under the weight of all this week's cavalier melodram…
‘The Killing’ Review: “Reflections”/”My Lucky Day”
At the end of last season 'The Killing' did little to provide an answer to its own tagline question: Who killed Rosie Larsen? Councilman Darren Richmond moved to the top of the suspect list thanks to a fake toll booth photo supplied by Detective Holder and one of his shady friends, but is …

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