The Last Witch Hunter

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Teaser Features Vin Diesel in All His Bearded, Blazing Glory

by Britt Hayes May 9, 2015 @ 1:02 PM
We already got a look at the full trailer for The Last Witch Hunter, but Vin Diesel has blessed us with an extra treat: a new teaser for his upcoming action fantasy film, featuring his glorious beard and a whole lot of fire. The latest sneak peek at Diesel’s new movie is actually kind of better than the full trailer, which properly introduced us to the plot but left little to the imagination.

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Trailer: Vin Diesel Wields a Flaming Sword

by Britt Hayes April 29, 2015 @ 5:01 PM
On paper, The Last Witch Hunter seems silly, but you know who can handle silly action well? Vin Diesel. The leader of the Riddick franchise is taking on witches and supernatural forces in his upcoming film, and judging by the trailer there’s going to be lots of sword-wielding, flames, and flaming sword-wielding action. Did we also mention Michael Caine is in this? Michael Caine is in this. Let’s go.