The Master

Reactions to the First Screening of ‘The Master’
Among film buffs, there is no 2012 film more anticipated than Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master.' It's been five long years since the modern master's 'There Will Be Blood' knocked us flat on our butts (and drank our milkshake) and his return couldn't have come a moment too soon...only PTA could red…
‘The Master’ Shows Off More Photos
There's been a flurry of news about Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' recently, as it had its release date bumped up, and it's joined a number of festivals. But though we know the broad outlines of the film (and rumored Scientology bashing), we're happy the film has r…
‘The Master’ Trailer is Here
Visually gripping from frame one, the trailer for 'The Master' - Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film - is a stunner. We're curious if it's being released now to appear on prints of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' and wonder if there's a crossover audience.
‘The Master’ Has a Poster
Summer season is almost over (even though it's mid-July), so it's time to start getting excited about the fall's biggest movies. And one we're very excited for is Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' which hits theaters October 12. Now it's got a poster.
‘The Master’ Trailer: Finally, We Meet the Master
Easily one of our most-anticipated films due out in the second half of the year, Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ has been dishing out clues to the suspenseful trip audiences can expect to take once the drama reaches theaters in October. Joaquin Phoenix starred in that first clip, drenched in moo…