The Raid

‘The Raid‘ Remake Loses Director, Studio and Taylor Kitsch
The planned U.S. remake of hit Indonesian action flick The Raid had some good things going for it: for audiences, there was the involvement of career tough guy Frank Grillo and Taylor Kitsch, the latter of whom has apparently walked away from the project along with director Patrick Hughes. And to to…
‘The Raid’ Remake Offers Taylor Kitsch the Lead Role
Yes, action fans, there is some utterly weird news drifting in over the internet. It seems that the American remake of the beloved martial arts extravaganza 'The Raid' may have found its leading man, and that leading man is none other than Tim Riggins. Oh, we mean Taylor Kitsch. Our bad.
‘The Raid 2′ Details Emerge: When Does It Take Place?
'The Raid: Redemption' was one of the nicest surprises of 2012; a tour de force by director Gareth Evans that makes most Hollywood action films look like kid stuff. It was quickly announced that a sequel would be forthcoming to continue the adventure of SWAT team badass Rama (Iko Uwais), and today w…

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