The Tall Man

New Trailer for ‘The Tall Man’
Pascal Laugier's 'Martyrs' is one of the most startling and upsetting horror movies in recent memory, a vicious and unrelenting experience that tends to leave viewers speechless and often furious. It's the kind of movie that defines a career. In other words, 'The Tall Man,&a…
‘The Tall Man’ Goes Big With New Posters and a Trailer
It's been four years since French director Pascal Laugier delivered his brutal, almost unwatchable horror film 'Martyrs,' and nearly as long since we've heard anything about his follow-up effort. That ends today with two posters and a trailer for 'The Tall Man.'
‘The Tall Man’ Review
Pascal Laugier hasn’t made a film since 2006, when he unleashed the soul-crushing yet thought-provoking exercise in nihilism known as ‘Martyrs.’ He returns to us in 2012 with his second film and first English language feature, ‘The Tall Man,&CloseCurlyQuot…