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‘True Blood’ Review: “In the Evening”
‘True Blood’ season 6 spurts out its 7th episode of the year, “In the Evening,” as Eric struggles desperately to save Nora's life, the fallout of Terry's death washes over Bon Temps and Sarah Newlin picks up where Governor Burrell left off.
Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode, “Don't You Feel Me?,” saw …
Comic-Con 2013: ‘True Blood’ Panel
‘True Blood’ will kick off the second half of its sixth season with this Sunday’s all-new episode “Do You Feel Me,” but not before nearly the entire cast dropped by Comic-Con 2013! In addition to a major new trailer for the back-half of season 6, we got to hear firsthand all about showrunner Bryan B…
Comic-Con 2013: ‘True Blood’ Season 6 Teaser
Season 6 of 'True Blood' on HBO is in full-swing, and at today's panel at Comic-Con 2013, showrunner Brian Buckner premiered a new teaser trailer for the back-half of the season, promising some heavy drama, heavier action, and plenty of fang-banging, wacky times.
‘True Blood’ Review: “F— the Pain Away”
‘True Blood’ season 6 spurts out its 5th episode of the year, “F--- the Pain Away,” as Warlow's origins and motivations come to light, while Pam, Eric, Tara and Jessica find themselves interned at the vampire camp, and Andy struggles to save the lives of his daughters.
Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episod…
‘True Blood’ Review: “At Last”
‘True Blood’ season six spurts out its fourth episode of the year, “At Last,” as Sookie, Jason and Niall uncover the true identity of the mysterious Warlow, while Eric makes a surprising proposition to Willa Burrell, and Sam attempts to protect Nicole from the pursuing werewolves out for blood.
Last …

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