Two and a Half Men

CBS Moves ‘Two and a Half Men’ to Thursdays
Being Upfront week, CBS is hard at work announcing and promoting its new series, as well as plotting out ways to incorporate them into the current schedule.  Today a big move for the network's flagship comedy 'Two and a Half Men' is in the works, but what does it mean for its oth…
CBS Finale Spoilers For All Your Favorite Shows!
We're definitely at that time of the season where all the network shows have started barreling toward their season finales, but still not quite far enough along that we don't have time to wait.  But why toll in uncertainty over the season finales' of 'Two and a Half Men,&apo…
Your Weekly Dose of Ridiculous
Juicing toddlers with sugar, paying for a dead woman's underwear, remaking a film before it's even hit theaters? That's just the tip of the iceberg (our hearts will go on). Last week just got ridiculous, and not in the good way.
Which TV Star is Rihanna’s New Partner?
In the latest news from her "common sense is not so common" world tour, reports are flying that Rihanna, 24, has spent the past couple months hooking up with a certain very famous and fidelity-challenged actor.
So who's her new paramour?

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