Two Night Stand

Why Are Movies Still Afraid of the Internet?

by Kate Erbland October 02, 2014 11:30 AM
Paramount Pictures
The first batch of mainstream films about dating, romance, and seeking connection on the Internet – think ‘You’ve Got Mail,’ ‘Must Love Dogs,’ and even ‘Euro Trip’ – didn’t demonize the relatively new technology, they instead mined it as another way to illuminate and examine human relationships. For romantic comedies and more sex-fueled outings, the Internet simply provided a fresh place for its characters to meet cute. Yet, as the Internet has become more normalized in actual society, its portrayal on the big screen has gotten consistently more nefarious – meeting cute no longer seems probable, it doesn’t even really seem possible.

'Two Night Stand' Trailer: Miles Teller Falls Back to More Rom-Com Fair

by Nick Romano August 07, 2014 11:26 AM
While Miles Teller keeps gaining traction post-'The Spectacular Now' with films like 'Whiplash' and the upcoming 'Fantastic Four,' the 'Two Night Stand' trailer reminds us how much he loves those guy-humor-filled rom-coms. Remember 'That Awkward Moment'? Well, you'll see elements of that in here.