Tyra Banks

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Review: “Estelle”
The US team took a hit on 'America's Next Top Model' last week when they lost Azmarie, arguably the strongest competitor this cycle. This week the teams are equal at four against four, but there's some resentment against Kyle brewing that could lead to some explosive drama.
‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: “J. Alexander”
Following Louise's explosive exit last week and the predictable reveal via the gracious Saint Tyra that no one would be sent home, the girls are soldiering on. They're definitely starting to feel the pressure, though, like Eboni, who unceremoniously starts lashing out at everyone around he…
‘America’s Next Top Model’ Review: “Kelly Osbourne”
It's been several long months since Cycle 17 (aka 'All-Stars'!) culminated with the upsetting (and sort of scandalous) victory of Lisa D'Amato over fan favorite -- and my personal all-time favorite -- Alison Harvard. Fear not, readers! Tyra Banks has returned with Cycle 18 of 'America's Next Top Mod…