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‘The Bourne Legacy’ Delivers New Clips and Images
'The Bourne Legacy' recently screened for press, and while we have yet to hear word on if it's good or not, we don't really care, because it has Jeremy Renner kicking everyone's butt in what looks to be a high-octane sequel to the popular action franchise. And these new clip…
Sad Keanu: ’47 Ronin’ Gets Pushed to 2013
'47 Ronin,' the samurai action film starring Keanu Reeves, is on the move. Universal Pictures has bumped the movie from its November release date to next year -- but there are different reasons floating around for the delay.
‘The Five Year Engagement’ Red Band Trailer
"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star Jason Segel and director Nicholas Stoller have teamed up once again for the brand new comedy 'The Five Year Engagement' also starring Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie and Jackie Weaver.
While you may have seen the regular trailer and wondered if the mov…
‘The Mummy’ Becomes the Latest Franchise to Get a Reboot
Shocking (shocking!) news hit the web today that Hollywood is planning on rebooting one of its previous movies. We've all heard rumors that Hollywood may one day go back into its library and freshen up some of its older titles, but until today, the world just thought it was Tinseltown blowing s…