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'Up All Night' Holding Its Own 'Arrested Development' Reunion With Tony Hale

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 1, 2012 @ 4:30 PM
As overjoyed as we are to be getting a Netflix reunion of 'Arrested Development,' it really burns our banana stands to think that we'll have to wait all the way until spring 2013, even if the network does release them all at once. Thankfully, NBC seems to have beaten them to the punch, reuniting Tony Hale with his former 'Arrested Development' co-star Will Arnett on 'Up All Night'! But will Hale share any scenes with his former hermano?

NBC Votes for 'Parks and Recreation' Season 5, Delivers 'Up All Night' Renewal

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 11, 2012 @ 2:51 PM
It's official!  Waffles for everyone!  Save for 'The Office,' as of now NBC has renewed all of its best single-camera sitcoms for additional seasons!  One night after Leslie Knope had her big victory in Pawnee City Council, NBC has opted to renew 'Parks and Recreation' for an additional season!  Joining 'Parks' for an additional season is freshman parenting comedy 'Up All Night,' but the real question remains: just how many episodes will each renewal see?