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‘Call of Duty’ Movie Probably Won’t Happen — Ever!
It's no secret we're pretty big into video games and the whole idea of bringing some of the fan favorites to life on the big screen. With Ghost Recon, Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex, Need for Speed and God of War as the latest ones to start preliminary motions for their companion movies, w…
Celebrities in Video Games: 30 Cameos From Big-Name Stars
It's no secret that we at ScreenCrush are big into video games, especially when those video games get turned into movies, like with Deus Ex, Mass Effect, God of War and Need for Speed. But what excites us even more is hearing the voices of famous stars in our favorite games.
10 Video Game Movies We Want to See Happen
Video game movies are gaining more momentum as of late, what with the recent progress on the ‘God of War,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ ‘Mass Effect,’ ‘Need for Speed’ and (the latest to be announced) &lsq…
‘Mass Effect’ Movie Pushes Ahead With New Writer
'Mass Effect 3,' the immensely popular third installment of the video game series, sold about 1.3 million copies across all gaming platforms within its first month and quickly became the year's bestselling video game. So it only makes sense that Legendary Entertainment would want to adapt this hit v…

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