William Friedkin

10 Facts About ‘The Exorcist’ to Make Your Head Spin

by ScreenCrush Staff October 29, 2015 @ 1:48 PM
Warner Bros. asked Stanley Kubrick to direct the film, but he turned it down. (Things worked out pretty well with director William Friedkin in charge anyway.) That’s just one of the many facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which looks at one of the scariest horror movies ever made, The Exorcist.

'True Detective' Season 2: William Friedkin Replacing Cary Fukunaga as Director?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 9, 2014 @ 2:43 PM
Larry Busacca, Getty Images
HBO's breakout 'True Detective' had long established that any potential season 2 would pick up with new story and a new cast, though we were still surprised to learn season 1 director Cary Fukunaga would leave the series behind as well. And while fans anxiously await casting news, 'True Detective' season 2 may pick up its next Oscar-winner in 'Exorcist' director William Friedkin.