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Comic-Con 2012: Frankenweenie, Wreck-It Ralph and Defiance Posters Take Over

by Melissa Molina July 4, 2012 @ 7:07 PM
We're officially one week away from San Diego Comic-Con's Preview Night, or what is better associated as the unofficial first day of the convention. Yes, we're excited too. What made us think about the countdown isn't the fact that some of our friends are talking about "The Con," but the first couple of posters that popped up in San Diego.

Comic-Con 2012: Full Schedule of Movie Panels

by Britt Hayes July 3, 2012 @ 6:00 AM
We hope you've got your nerdy overnight bags packed and ready to go because Comic-Con 2012 is fast approaching. We've given you the full rundown on TV panels, but what about all those amazing movie panels? Read on for a full schedule of movie panels and what to expect from the big studios this year.

Comic-Con 2012: Marvel and Disney Announce Plans For 'Iron Man 3' and More

by Sean O'Connell June 28, 2012 @ 9:09 AM
Marvel Studios
Comic-Con 2012is right around the corner, and while the vast majority of buzzworthy television properties have carved out their time in and around Hall H, the anticipated film titles have been dragging their feet. Yes, we know that ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ kicks off this year’s Con, but the rest of the major studios have been slow to confirm … until now.

How Many Classic Video Game Characters Can You Find in This 'Wreck-It Ralph' Pic?

by Sean O'Connell June 5, 2012 @ 9:20 AM
Walt Disney Animation
Rich Moore’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ sounds like a gamer’s dream. Set in the world of video-game arcades, it intros a classic villain (voiced by John C. Reilly) who longs to be a hero. When he escapes his own game and sneaks into an advanced, first-person shooter, though, he unwillingly unleashes a true force of evil, creating all kinds of troubles.
Who might help him? Find out in this new official image (and see how many classic video game characters you can spot).

Classic Nintendo Video Game Characters to Cameo in 'Wreck-It Ralph'

by Melissa Molina April 25, 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Walt Disney Pictures
Video game fans, be excited. Disney just gave you another reason to go ahead and watch their upcoming animated film 'Wreck-It Ralph' when it's released in theaters, and that's its cameos. They aren't just regular cameos, like some celebrity voicing a random character, but seeing some of your favorite video game characters in a movie (that isn't 'Super Mario Bros').