Arnold Schwarzenegger Is a Soon-to-Be Zombie Daddy in 'Maggie'

by Nick Romano June 21, 2013 @ 4:10 PM
Photoshop by ScreenCrush
If you thought 'Warm Bodies' was an unusual take on the zombie movie genre, then you probably haven't heard of 'Maggie.' The film centers around a dad who's trying to get his zombie daughter to embrace her impending undead transformation. If that didn't sound out of the ordinary to you, just wait -- the dad in question will be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Retro Rental: Between TIFF and Fantastic Fest... It's the 'Dawn of the Dead'

by James Rocchi September 20, 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Universal Studios
For myself, and for many fellow ink-stained wretches who cover, with joy, the world of film, September is the cruelest, craziest month. There's the Toronto International Film Festival and then -- less than a week after that meghilla of too many awesome movies and too many awesome Canadians is over -- there's Austin's Fantastic Fest, famously called "a film festival with the boring parts left out," replete with beheadings and behandings and bemusements. Plus, it's the informal start of Oscar season, which warms movieland up pretty fiercely even if you don't care about who exactly the Academy extends, with shaking hands, its awards to. And the biggest funny thing I can imagine is that I'm in the middle of all that and, of course, thinking of the one person, and one film, that combines the arty aspirations of the Oscar race, the Canadian-ness of Tiff's programming and the scares and shrieks of Fantastic Fest, and that's 2004's remake of 'Dawn of the Dead.'

'The Walking Dead' Recap: "Judge, Jury, Executioner"

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 5, 2012 @ 8:44 AM
The Walking Dead’ Season 2 brings to life its eleventh episode of the season, as the group struggles over the fate of their captive survivor Randall (Michael Zegen), while Carl gets himself into trouble and Dale does his best to win everyone over toward sparing their dangerous captive.
Last week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ “18 Miles Out” saw Rick and Shane finally coming to blows over Randall and all the existing bad blood between them, while Hershel’s youngest daughter Beth faced a difficult decisions back on the farm, so what will the latest episode bring?
Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘The Walking Dead’ “Judge, Jury, Executioner!”