When you think of Tara Reid, what comes to mind? 'American Pie' (or the new 'American Reunion'), sure, but we're guessing you also think "party girl" and "plastic surgery victim." But Reid would rather you didn't.

In a recent interview with Australia's News Limited, Reid noticeably bristled when the plastic surgery she's had was mentioned.

"How many women do you know who've had plastic surgery? Almost everyone has. I don't know why it's such a big deal. Yeah, I had it. End of story ... It's annoying [that it's mentioned so often]. It's as if I'm the only person in the world who's had it. I don't want to be a poster child for it. I've done a lot more stuff in my life than have plastic surgery."

She seems greatly frustrated that the focus on her is limited to not just her surgical procedures but her personal life, which has included a stint in rehab, messy relationships (the marriage she announced on her Twitter page last August wasn't legal), and a party girl persona so strong that she once had a TV show about it, the globe-trotting 'Taradise.'

"I'm a lot more of a private person than what you see ... [but] I don't know why a party girl is a bad thing. It's about having fun and being happy. Why should we punish that girl? I've never been arrested, I've never been in trouble, I've never done anything bad, so I don't get why that's a bad thing. I like to be happy, and people know that if they're around me, they're going to have fun."

As for her career, which has included some pretty lean years between hits, she says she has no regrets.

"I've worked with some great directors, such as [the late] Robert Altman and the Coen brothers, and I've made 36 films. They aren't all as big as 'American Pie' but, to me, they're all special in different ways. I've also had so many experiences, and it's those experiences that define who you are as a person."

You can catch Reid and the rest of the 'American Pie' gang when 'American Reunion' opens April 6.