Taylor Kitsch had a rough 2012 thanks to box office disappointments 'John Carter,' 'Battleship' and 'Savages.' Yet with a screen presence like that, you can't stay down-and-out for long. Looks like Kitsch's next project finds him squaring off against a killer in a more modestly budgeted film called 'Exit 147.'

According to Bloody Disgusting, Kitsch will play a sheriff in 'Exit 147.' In the film, Sheriff Kitsch arrests a man driving across the desert and holds him captive as part of the man's own sadistic game. Ah, the old "getting yourself arrested" technique. Made popular by 'The Dark Knight's' Joker, perfected by 'Skyfall's' Silva. It's all the rage in the world of maniacs!

'Exit 147' has been written by 'Pandorum' scribe Travis Milloy and will be directed by Julian Jarrold, who recently helmed 'The Girl' for HBO. No further plot information is available, but as this is just breaking, we can expect to hear a bit more about it soon.

As for Kitsch, he will likely rebound from his failed "breakout star" attempt last year. He's got the Navy SEAL action-drama 'Lone Survivor' in the can, in which he co-stars with Mark Wahlberg and Eric Bana, as well as the indie 'The Grand Seduction' alongside Brendan Gleeson. There's also still plenty of goodwill built up from his 'Friday Night Lights' days, so there's every chance Kitsch still ends up being an A-lister. 2012 will be a distant memory in no time.