It proved an expected, but welcome delight when Steve Carell returned to TV for his 'Office' series finale cameo, but it seems the former Michael Scott will soon develop a more permanent position behind the camera. Carell has been tapped to both write and direct a police comedy for TBS titled 'Tribeca,' co-produced with Carell's real-life wife, Nancy.

The 'Anchorman 2' star and his wife both created the 'Tribeca' property, and will write and executive produce the satirical look at a police procedural. Led by Angie Tribeca, a 10-year veteran of Los Angeles' "Really Heinous Crimes Unit," the single-camera comedy follows an eccentric, but brilliant group who investigate crime, while revealing entirely too much personal information, and refusing to rest "until justice has been served … sort of."

Carell will also direct the pilot, which emerges from his Carousel Productions banner. Should TBS opt to move forward with the pilot, 'Tribeca' will join such other unscripted fare as 'Scrubs' creator Bill Lawrence's upcoming comedy 'Ground Floor,' new seasons of 'American Dad,' the acquired 'Cougar Town,' 'Sullivan & Son' and 'Men at Work.'

Well, what say you? Would you want to see what Steve Carell can bring to TBS from behind the camera, or does the show need its own Michael Scott charm?