As Jon Snow on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, Kit Harington is a rugged protagonist who often seems a bit boring in his goodness. While handsome, he’s never particularly been a fan favorite in the book or the show. But you’ll get to see a different side of Harington in the upcoming Testament of Youth, in which he gets a hair cut and a shave to play a man sent off to battle in World War I.

The first trailer for the period war drama has arrived, starring Harington and Alicia Vikander — the latter of whom should be enough to pique your interest after her stunning performance in Ex Machina. Vikander plays Vera Brittain in the film based on the real-life Brittain’s memoir, about her time as a World War I nurse during a period when her fiancé Roland (Harington), her brother and her friends are all sent to the front lines.

It definitely looks very British period drama, with plenty of romance and heartache surely to come. In the trailer, Vikander’s Brittain is faced with opposition for her decision to drop out of Oxford to become a war nurse in a time when women had to work twice as hard as men to prove themselves as equals, though they were rarely — if ever — regarded as such.

Testament of Youth will have a limited theatrical release on June 5 before expanding to more theaters nationwide.