'The Bay' Releases Horrifying Photos to Give You Nightmares For Days


Are you into creepy, gross and disturbing stuff? Good news! The upcoming horror thriller 'The Bay' has blessed us with two new photos from the film to give you nightmares for days, showing us just what happens when you get a little too close to an isopod.

Barry Levinson takes a swim in the waters of horror for his latest film, 'The Bay,' which features one very terrifying -- and reality-based! -- menace. Have you ever heard of isopods? An isopod is an aquatic creature related to crustaceans (like crabs, but closer in build and make-up to woodlice and pill bugs) that looks like a giant sea cockroach. While most range in size from 300 micrometres to 50 centimeters, their lifestyle choices are freaky as hell -- several types live as parasites, eating the tongues of their fishy hosts and replacing them.

Now that you've had a quick marine biology lesson, you should know that 'The Bay' features a much more sinister-looking isopod, and one that desires a human host. These new images released to us from Roadside Attractions are totally awesome -- and totally gross. Check out the pics below and prepare yourself for 'The Bay,' which hits theaters on November 2. Or, if you're like us, check out these new photos and swear off oceans forever.

Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions[/caption]

Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions[/caption]

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