Given that Lifetime's Jennifer Love Hewitt-fronted 'The Client List' is on track to make its season 2 debut on Sunday, March 10, we admit to being a trifle concerned at the lack of controversy surrounding the show's racy content. Last year we had multiple scantily clad posters and digital boob jobs to examine in painstaking detail, but what of the show's second helping? Why, how about Jennifer Love Hewitt cavorting in even skimpier outfits for a new music video promoting 'The Client List' season 2? Yes, please.

Now, no one could accuse us of shamelessly flaunting Jennifer Love Hewitt's sexy new music video in promotion of Lifetime's 'The Client List' season 2, but there are at least two reasons why any casual viewer can find reasons to get behind the series. Those reasons are very much on ample display throughout the new video for "I'm a Woman," produced by 'American Idol's' Randy Jackson.

So without any further ado, allow us to present the most compelling evidence yet that Lifetime's 'The Client List,' with its second season debuting on March 10, is among the greater achievements in mankind's modern history.

Honestly, are you even still reading at this point? Get to it already! And don't forget our glorious 'Client List' GIFs either!