James Wan's latest horror effort, 'The Conjuring,' is gearing up for its Jul. 19 release, and we hope you're as stoked as we are, especially after this new trailer.

The first two focused largely on specific moments in the film, particularly that clapping ghost, but this latest 'Conjuring' trailer takes a different approach. It goes a little old-school with its introduction to the Perron family and their tale of ghastly terror in 1971, when they moved into what they thought was their dream home, only to discover it was possessed by vengeful spirits.

'The Conjuring' is Wan's fourth horror film and second this year. ('Insidious Chapter 2' hits theaters at the end of summer.) It tells the true story of notorious ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren -- Ed was the only demonologist acknowledged by the Catholic church as a certified exorcist, and Lorraine was gifted with clairvoyant powers. Together, they investigated tons of haunted and possessed homes over the course of their lifetime, including the Perron home -- a story so terrifying that they've kept it private until now.

The film stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston, and you can catch it in theaters on Jul. 19 ... if you're not too scared. (Spoiler: We've seen it, and you should be.)