Given the success of The CW's 'Arrow,' we were unsurprised to learn that the network would look to capitalize on its DC success by developing a Wonder Woman adaptation titled 'Amazon.' Some time ago we heard that casting was already underway, but what does The CW have to say on its progress? And if 'Amazon' isn't far off, have discussions begun about other DC characters? Find out the latest on 'Amazon' inside!

With 'Smallville' paving the way for DC super-heroics on a TV budget, and 'Arrow' proving a breakout success in its own right, Wonder Woman-adaptation 'Amazon' may prove the network's big hit if it gets off the ground. So how far has The CW come in its development?

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz updated reporters about 'Amazon,' saying, “First off, we’re waiting to see the script. Second off, we’re busy casting for Diana as we speak. Hopefully the script works the way we want.... If we get the right script and the right casting, we’ll go right forward to pilot.”

Naturally, the conversation turned to that of other DC characters entering the realm of either 'Arrow' or 'Amazon,' to which Pedowitz explained, "We will explore other DC characters, but we also do a lot of exploration of a lot of other material with a lot of other great producers.“ Pedowitz also added of 'Amazon's' potential connectivity with 'Arrow' that, “I think they all could exist in the same world, but whether they do or they don’t is depending on what the showrunner wants to do.”

Well, what say you? Would you like to see 'Amazon' fast-tracked at The CW? Who could the network get to play Diana Iris, and could it end up connecting with 'Arrow'? Give us your predictions in the comments!