Could I possibly interest you in some 'Dark Knight Rises' material? The past few days have brought us an onslaught of photos and posters and TV spots and more photos and more posters and guess what? Today, we have more posters!  Four new banners for the film, in fact, that highlight some big action sequences from the film.

Once again we get banners for the film's major characters: Batman, Catwoman and Bane.  Plus we get a bonus fourth version that was aptly titled "Standoff" (and you'll see why below).

Whereas the other posters featured either sketchy Photoshop work or our characters blandly walking through rain, these new posters actually show them all at work and with some iconic imagery to boot. We kinda love that image of Batman standing on the top of the Gotham police cruiser. Batman has a pretty impressive army of cops but Bane's army of thugs looks like a literal army. Where'd he get all those people (*cough*talia*cough*)?

With all the 'Dark Knight Rises' stuff appearing on the web this week, it's almost as if Christopher Nolan and his team have had enough of hearing about 'The Avengers' and are pushing all their chips to the middle of the table and, so far, the gamble looks to have paid off.

Click each banner below to see a larger image:

Banners courtesy Warner Bros. and