You know what 'The Exorcist' was missing? A laugh track! See what happens when William Friedkin's horror classic gets re-imagined as an 80s sitcom -- we promise, hilarity and shenanigans totally ensue.

Film School Rejects decided to re-cut 'The Exorcist' in this three minute video, depicting one of the most terrifying and atmospheric horror films of all time as a silly 80s sitcom. From the opening credits theme (saxophone included!) to the laugh track, all the hallmarks of an 80s show are there -- and we've gotta say, it actually works. This could have very well been a real show in some alternate dimension of satire.

We're especially digging the stuff between Jason Miller and possessed Linda Blair, played up as a situational comedy where this exasperated priest has to keep tabs on the demon inhabiting a little girl's body. And that demon's got some wacky hijinks up his sleeve. And don't worry if you can't remember when to laugh -- that's what the laugh track is there for.

Watch the video below, featuring Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller, Max Von Sydow, and Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist' -- the greatest 80s sitcom that never was.