'The Host' Teaser Poster Is Keeping Its Eye On Us


We’ve been keeping an eye on Andrew Niccol’s ‘The Host’ since it went into production. Now, thanks to the film’s latest poster, ‘The Host’ can keep an eye on us.

That appears to be Saoirse Ronan staring back at us on the one sheet (below) for ‘Host,’ the first film adaptation of a Stephenie Meyer novel not named ‘Twilight.’ The ‘Hanna’ star plays Melanie Stryder, one of the only humans left on our planet who has managed to fend off an infiltration by an alien species dubbed the “souls.”

Right off the bat, that helps make ‘Host’ sound like counterprogramming to Meyer’s famous vampire-and-werewolf series. And with Niccol at the helm, we can brace for challenging sci-fi along the lines of ‘Gattaca,’ ‘S1m0ne’ or, hopefully, ‘The Truman Show.’

The single-eye design is a lift off of the cover of Meyer’s book, so ‘Host’ fans likely will recognize its use in the marketing of the movie. ‘The Host’ also stars Diane Kruger (as The Seeker), Jake Abel (as Ian O’Shea), Frances Fisher (as Maggie Stryder) and William Hurt (as Jeb Stryder).

‘The Host’ will be in theaters in March 29, 2013. Here’s the latest poster:

The Host Poster

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