Although it doesn't officially hit theaters (in limited release, of course) until later this month, 'The Impossible' has already proven divisive, splitting critics into two groups: those who think its manipulative junk and those that think it's a harrowing and heartbreaking experience. The discussion alone should make this a film to keep your eye on, since it's the kind of thing that will demand your opinion for future arguments. Anyway, a featurette about the film had made its way online, spotlighting the cast and giving glimpses of just how hard it must have been to shoot this thing.

Interestingly, the featurette doesn't focus on the obvious (namely, the massive tsunami set piece that even the film's detractors admit is hugely impressive) and instead examines each member of the cast, including Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and newcomer Tom Holland. Yep, this is the type of featurette where the actors talk about how wonderful everyone else is, but it's actually not cloying at all (it helps that their talk of amazing performances is backed up by some pretty compelling clips from the film).

Check out the clip below! Does this film interest you at all? What are its Oscar chances?