Exclusive 'The Killing' Season 3 Photos: Linden's "Reckoning" Is At Hand


The Killing‘ season 3 had us on the edge of our seats with last week's tension-driving "Try," but Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) have hit another wall in their search for the killer, and a "Reckoning" for the elusive pornographer may soon be at hand. Sunday’s all-new episode will see Holder facing a horrifying revelation, and we’ve got some exclusive photos from the next installment!

Says AMC’s official description of the new season’s ninth episode, the reveal of Pastor Mike's (relative) innocence will see the search for the mysterious pornographer intensify, while Holder seeks someone to blame over a shocking revelation. Meanwhile, Twitch and Lyric find their apparent dream home, but dreams tend to fade fast for these wayward youths.

Judging by the new photos (shown below), it seems Lt. Cole Skinner (Elias Koteas) has some serious damage control to answer for with the press, while Holder and Linden find a dark new corner of their investigation, that apparently leads to a new clue for Linden to pursue. With only three episodes left in the season, might we finally be on the right track to uncover the true killer, who was last seen stalking poor Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus)? And where's Seward (Peter Saarsgard) in all this?

See our exclusive photos from Sunday’s “Reckoning” below, and let us know what you think of the coming episode in the comments. Be sure to check back later for our full review of the episode!

Carole Segal / AMC
Carole Segal / AMC
Carole Segal / AMC
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