Though we've seen a bunch of trailers - at times, abstract - for 'The Master,' today we get our first official look at a clip from the film. Despite the fact that the film focuses on the relationship between The Master (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and his subject (Joaquin Phoenix), this clip focuses on Amy Adams, who just might be pulling the strings.

We are used to seeing Amy Adams - three-time Oscar-nominee - in cheery, almost impossibly cheery roles like 'Enchanted,' 'Junebug' and 'The Muppets.' But she may be at her best when she plays against type, like the fiery Charlene in 'The Fighter' and now as Mary Sue Dodd, the wife of Lancaster Dodd, the titular Master.

In the clip below, shown last night on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (via The Film Stage) we begin to see that The Master perhaps isn't always driven by his own motivations and, as the saying goes, behind a good man is a great woman.

Underneath the 'Master' clip, we've included some of Letterman's interview with Adams where she talks about the film, working with Phoenix (who Letterman classifies as a "bonehead") and Scientology.