This Sunday will see 'The Newsroom' season 2 display its full spectrum of Aaron Sorkinisms with premiere episode "First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers," but shouldn't the first thing we do be to check out the latest clips from the debut? Will McAvoy and the ACN staff talking over one another, and Jeff Daniels putting on a smug face await!

In all seriousness, the first clip from the oft-debated drama sees Will introduced to new member of the ACN team Jerry Dantana (Hamish Linklater), filling in for Jim as he distracts himself from Maggie with the Romney Campaign. Does Olivia Munn then enter, you ask, displaying all the Sorkin-undercut confidence you'd expect? Oh, indeed!

The second look into Sunday's premiere sees Mackenzie confronting Will about an on-air gaffe, but clearly these two have their own reasons for putting one another up against the wall, literally, and figuratively. Elsewhere, the second season of ‘The Newsroom’ features appearances by ‘Justified‘ star Patton Oswalt as the fictional networks new vice president of human resources, Marcia Gay Harden as litigator Rebecca Halliday and Meryl Streep’s daughter, Grace Gummer, as a reporter embedded within the Mitt Romney campaign.

We know that much of season 2 will focus on the 2012 elections, but Sorkin added events such as Trayvon Martin, the Affordable Care Act, drones, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Muammar Gaddafi.

You can check out the sneak peeks from 'The Newsroom' season 2 premiere above and below, and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in for the Sunday debut!