'The Possession' Trailer: Bad Boxes and Evil Insects Are Here to Scare You


Any time you see a movie where people are shown a box that can't be opened, science tells us the box will get opened before the credits are over. And if the curious box-openers are in a horror movie, it's going to spell trouble (oh, Pandora). In 'The Possession' it's a little girl who finds a yard sale item that leads to being taken over by a dybbuk. Check out the trailer...

The film stars Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick as a divorced couple whose daughter gets a box, opens it, and bad things are unleashed, like insects, bad tempers and a growth inside of her. But instead of this playing on Catholic fears of possession (which lead to an exorcism), this gets into Jewish possession folklore. So it's got a slightly different angle on the problem.

The film comes from Sam Raimi's Ghost House production company - which is promising - and the film is targeting an end of summer debut, with an August 31 release date. And to be fair, some of the images in the trailer suggest a good creepy entry in a familiar genre. And - as a horror film - it's good to see it wasn't done as found footage. It's the small things.


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