Seems like most movies are becoming musicals and stage plays these days -- take, for instance, Tim Burton's 'Big Fish,' which recently prematurely ended its run. Hopefully things fare better for 'The Princess Bride,' as the comedy classic has recently been selected by Disney's Alan Horn to make the transition from screen to stage with a new musical. Who doesn't want to hear the song version of "Mawwiage, Mawwiage"?

According to THR, Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn, who was involved with 'The Princess Bride' during his time at Castle Rock Entertainment, has made a deal to turn the beloved comedy classic into a musical. Don't fret too much -- original writer William Goldman will collaborate on the new musical project, hopefully keeping this version on track to please both old fans and new.

While no official creative team has been announced as of yet, Horn says the theatrical version will involve the Disney Theatrical team, led under the guidance of Tom Schumacher. A stage version of the film was announced several years ago but never made it into production due to a financial dispute.

The original 1987 romance-adventure-comedy is told as a story by an old man to his grandson -- it's the tale of a beautiful princess named Buttercup, arranged to marry a villainous prince. Buttercup is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding and later rescued by the farm boy she's in love with, who pretends to be a pirate.