Coming up with a list of only 10 movies is not as easy as it sounds. But, after a series of heated debates, we are excited to finally reveal our definitive list of the Top 10 Movies. We are sure you might have your own 10 movies that you like, but we would be hard pressed to find a better list of 10 movies than the one ahead. So, let's just get to it:

Here are the top 10 movies:

10. ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’


Back before Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar, he used to star in a lot of movie like this one. But, since his career resurgence, he's yet to make another movie with “10” in the title.

9. ‘Force 10 from Navarone’


Here's one of the movies that Harrison Ford starred in between the first two ‘Star Wars’ movies—and, frankly, he didn't find a lot of success. As we know now, that all changed after Ford played the iconic role of Rusty Sabich in ‘Presumed Innocent.’

8. ‘10 Years’

Anchor Bay

We've never actually seen this movie, but Channing Tatum is in it and people seem to really like him.

7. ‘10,000 B.C.’

Warner Bros.

Our most controversial choice: OK, sure, we're cheating a little but with this one, but we can plainly see the "10" in the title. It's even separated by a comma.

6. ‘10 to Midnight’


This is not Charles Bronson's best film, but it is without a doubt his best with the number “10” in the title.

5. ‘The Ten Commandments’


Yeah, we thought it would be higher on the list, too.

4. ‘The Whole Ten Yards’

Warner Bros.

Despite its relative success on this list, it's still only the second best of the ‘The Whole 9 or 10 Yards’ franchise.

3. ‘3:10 to Yuma’


We are counting both versions of this movie.

2. ‘10’

Warner Bros.

There is no reasonable explanation as to why this movie is not number one. This is a huge upset.

1. ‘10 Things I Hate About You’


And there you have it, ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ is the best 10 movie of all time. This list is set in stone and cannot be argued or debated. Again, this is the definitive list and, unfortunately, your opinions will not be considered.

Mike Ryan has written for The Huffington Post, Wired, Vanity Fair and GQ. He is the senior editor of ScreenCrush. You can contact him directly on Twitter.