Last night's all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode "Clear" may have taken Rick Grimes away from his conflict with the Governor, and into the path of an old friend, but next week's "Arrow on the Doorpost" will see the grizzled leader taking on a new challenge. Rick and his ilk will attempt to talk things out with Woodbury's Governor to see if any kind of peace can be established between the two, but will he succeed? How long will it be before the bullets start flying once more? Check out a new sneak peek of "Arrow on the Doorpost" for a clue!

For all the bullets whizzing back and forth between the Governor's forces and Rick Grimes, it's incredible to think that the two haven't actually met face to face just yet. That all changes with next Sunday's "Arrow on the Doorpost," in which Rick meets his one-eyed nemesis for the first time, and attempts to barter a peace between the two sides to end the constant bloodshed.

Will Andrea be able to play the role of peacekeeper between the two, or will the Governor's and Rick's larger-than-life personalities be unable to co-exist? AMC's latest sneak peek from "Arrow on the Doorpost" has the two meeting for the first time, and the tension may never stop!

Check out the latest from 'The Walking Dead' via the "Arrow on the Doorpost" sneak peek below, and give us your predictions in the comments!