As AMC's 'The Walking Dead' heads into the final four episodes of its third season, the stakes grow higher and higher for this Sunday' all-new installment "Arrow on the Doorpost." We know that Rick and his group will meet with the Governor to attempt to barter some kind of truce between the prison group and the people of Woodbury, but what if war breaks out? Will Rick's people be prepared to handle the imminent attack? See the tensions rise in an all-new sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead's "Arrow on the Doorpost" inside!

Survivors of 'The Walking Dead' have plenty to worry about outside the prison walls, zombie and human alike, but what of those lurking within? Michonne may have earned her place after last week's "Clear," but Merle Dixon still has a hard time fitting in as the gang prepares to hunker down for war against the Governor, Merle preferring to end things on his own terms.

Series creator Robert Kirkman debuted an all-new clip from Sunday's "Arrow on the Doorpost" last night on 'Conan,' but will Glenn and Michonne be able to reign in the errant redneck before his temper gets them all killed? Will Rick and Daryl manage to negotiate a truce with the Governor before it comes to all-out war?

Check out the latest sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead's Sunday installment "Arrow on the Doorpost" below, and give us your predictions for the final episodes of the season in the comments!